Italiannies @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Italiannese @ Gurney Paragon

Italiannies @ Gurney Paragon

Italiannies @ Gurney Paragon, the first in Penang which offers Italian food with varieties of pizza, pasta and wine.

This was our second try after a walk in Gurney Paragon.

Italiannese @ Gurney Paragon - Chicken Milanese

The Signature Chicken Milanese – RM24.90 (Piccolo – for 1 person)

Grilled chicken breast served over cream spinach, then topped with chilled tomato caper relish.

Recommended by the waiter. the portion was actually small.


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Pasta Zanmai @ Gurney Paragon

Pasta Zanmai @ Gurney Paragon

Pasta Zanmai @ Gurney Paragon

Gurney Paragon was the newly shopping mall in Penang.

Then we have the Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai and Rakuzen in Penang.

Of couse, it attracted a huge crowd on the opening day.

However, we did not visit on the opening day (aiyo.. why wanna go q for crazy lehh..haha)… after all, it’s a new toilet mahh.

Pasta Zanmai @ Gurney Paragon - Teriyaki Chicken Garlic Omu Rice

Teriyaki Chicken Garlic Omu Rice Rm15

Garlic Fried Rice topped with Omelette & Grilled Chicken

There are varieties of choices ranging from sushi to pasta and rice.

Although it was small portion, but it allow you to order moreee…

Girls like to order alot but with small appetite, suit to them.. (more…)

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