Salon Du Chocolat @ Gurney Paragon, Penang

Salon Du Chocolat @ Gurney Paragon


For those chocolate lover, yeahh u might find something new in Penang, Salon Du Chocolat. well, heard that it was originated from Hong Kong, as not much info shed on the internet, in particular even their website itself . Anyhow, a first try is always a must out our curiosity. It is located at Ground Floor of Gurney Paragon Mall.

Salon Du Chocolat @ Gurney Paragon 5


The pancake topped with cheese, fruits and choice of your chocolate, you have three choices, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate of your choices. Mine ofcourse is Dark Chocolate.

You really can’t feel the taste of cheese (well im a cheese lover anyway :) and the fruits was pineapple. Taste wise… depends on individual lar.. for rating scroll bottom lor. (more…)

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Paddington House of Pancakes @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Wanna try western pancakes ? go for this. this visit was my 1st time to this Paddington House of Pancakes, it was few months ago, somewhere around July or August 2010, but I manage to trackback so I posted up to share. haha. Infact it was nice and have more choices compared to Crepe Cottage @ Gurney Drive. Paddington House of Pancakes was a franchise restaurant and it has only one in Penang, Queensbay Mall, the other franchise branch was in KL. I doubt that whether the people’s was aware of this shop, as it was abit quiet. But I assure you, the food, especially the dessert was fantastic, if you choose the right one. hahaha.

Paddington House of Pancake  - Alabama 1

Alabama – RM18.50

Alabama – creamy grilled chicken with caramelized apples on mashed potato pancakes.


Paddington House of Pancake  - Alabama 2

A closer view of Alabama (more…)

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