Nasi Lemak Liverpool @ Jelutong , Penang

Nasi Lemak Liverpool @ Batu Lanchang - Shop


Hohoho.. There is a famous Nasi Lemak Liverpool in Jelutong. haha. definitely it was run by the Die-Hard Fans of Liverpool. The Nasi Lemak was nice, besides, offering the basic/normal one.. it do offer extra dishes like fried chicken, fried egg… and etc.

It opens till late midnight, ofcourse you can sure that it have a big screen that for football fans to enjoy football matches. AND I think there will be many Liverpool Die hard fans are customers, haha, so remember don’t shout ARSENAL. if not u gonna get whacked…hahahaha. jkjk.. just kidding. Besides, It also offer FREE Wi-Fi.

hahaha.. can take your time online and enjoy your coffee and nasi lemak. Sounds Good ? Huh..

Nasi Lemak Liverpool @ Batu Lanchang - Environment

The surrounding view – Nice for watching football match. (more…)

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Goreng Pisang @ Free School Road, Penang

Free School Road - Pisang - Tee Kuih & Potato


Snacks for NOON ?? ofcourse Goreng Pisang @ Free School Road. hahaha. But abit dissapointed, I went twice in a week, THEY DO NOT HAVE PISANG GORENG on the day I went.┬áBesides, offering Pisang Goreng, they do have other “goreng”. hahaha. Fried Potato, Kuih, Kodok, Fried Tee Kuih, Fried Yam, Karipap and etc. And for Cempedak, need to wait for the season.

Free School Road - Goreng Pisang - Crowd

Everything also have to wait – zzZZzzzZ (more…)

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