Set Lunch @ Coffee Island, Gurney Drive

Coffee Island @ Gurney Drive

Coffee Island @ Gurney Drive

There are was 1 flyer of Coffee Island regarding the set lunch seems attracting, but since a long time it was in my mind but I had never been there try out the lunch set.

1 day during lunch hours, my classmates decided to have a try.. then we proceed to Coffee Island.

Coffee Island @ Gurney Drive - Menu

The Menu – Variety of choices, such as local cuisine, western delight and it’s quite complicated about A+B+C… something like that. (more…)

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Claypot Dried Hor Fun @ Song River, Gurney Drive

Most people’s eat Char Hor Fun is wet 1 right ? Go for Song River and try this Claypot Dried Hor Fun. Song River was famous for its White Soup Bak Kut Teh, but the Hor Fun was indeed nice. why not take a try ? haha. Don’t worry I will blog on the Bak Kut Teh on my next visit to Song River.

Song River @ Gurney Drive - Dried Hor Fun

Claypot Dried Hor Fun – RM5

The portion is actually count by per head. So, mine is 1 person dried hor fun.

Song River @ Gurney Drive - Oyster Mee

Oyster Mee – RM5 (more…)

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