Dragon9ine @ Bellisa Row

Dragon9ine @ Bellisa Row

Dragon9ine @ Bellisa Row, Pulau Tikus

Dragon9ine is a newly operate chinese restaurant in January 2011 which located @ Bellisa Row. If not mistaken, previously the shop was a Japanese cuisine restaurant. By the time we visit, it is the food tasting period, so majority of the dishes are entitled 30% discount. And, due to it was food tasting period, the restaurant only printed 5 copies of the menu and each table only get 1 menu to refer on even there are 10 in a group, so have to share the menu, it’s inconvenient. But the waiter was polite and kind and do ask feedback from us after we had our foods.

Dragon9ine @ Bellisa Row 2

Dragon9ine also known as Kowloon (Hong Kong)


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