Oink Oink Pork Burger a.k.a Ric’s Burgers @ Bayan Baru, Penang

Ric's Burger @ Bayan Baru

Oink Oink Pork Burger a.k.a Ric’s Burgers @ Bayan Baru, Penang (Infront of One World Condo)

This was one of my favorite burger for all times. Actually this was not a new burger shop but it was moves (an upgrade) from ‘pasar malam‘, eg Friday @ Perak Road. So, if u’r frequent to ‘pasar malam’, u probably knows about this Oink Oink Burger, where usually crowded and have to wait.

Oink Oink Burger @ Ric's Burger, Bayan Baru

Oink Oink Pork Burger RM6 (with cheese)

Yes, this is it Oink Oink Pork Burger. For regular (without cheese) is RM5, while you may add on cheese, egg, bacon and etc.

The pork patty was specially homemade.


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Tower Burger @ MaryBrown

Mary Brown @ Langkawi


U may try the new tower burger at any MaryBrown franchise restaurant, just that I tried the tower burger while I’m in Langkawi for holidays. haha. But it’s only available for a specified period of time, just similar as the McDonald Mc Chicken Supreme (only available few months), and Prosperity Burger (only @ Chinese New Year Season).

Mary Brown @ Langkawi - Environment

Look at the Tower Burger Menu.. something different right ?


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