Buka Puasa Buffet @ Nada Lama, Equatorial Penang

Firstly, we would like to thanks Equatorial Hotel for the invitation for the food testing session. Basically is was a Buka Puasa Ramahdan Buffet Dinner presented by Nada Lama, Hotel Equatorial Penang.

Nada Lama was just renovated and refurbished. Overall it provides a cozy environment and there are indoor and outdoor seat which convenience to those smoker and non-smoker. The dining area was spacious and most important is the varieties of food was amazingly wide.

Let’s walk through the selections of foods you will get from dining here:

Buka Puasa Buffet @ Equatorial - Acar-Acar

Assorted Acar-Acar

Acar-acar is a type of vegetable pickles which made from mixed vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, cabbage… which are pickled with vinegar and aromatic spices. Acar-acar is commonly served as a condiment to be eaten with a main course.

Buka Puasa Meal

Buka Puasa Buffet Dinner @ Equatorial Hotel (more…)

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Chocolate Ville @ Bangkok, Thailand

Chocolate Ville @ Bangkok

Chocolate Ville @ Bangkok, Thailand

This photo taken around 8 o’clock, just before we leave heading back to Bangkok town…. nice ya…

Chocolate Ville located outskirt of Bangkok, it’s a man made park with western design. You have to take a cab or a private car which cost around 800baht per trip (including return), it depends on your bargaining skill lorr… taxi usually don’t use meter since it’s outskirt and you have to arrange ahead your return with the driver as it might be problem to get a taxi after your meal.

Chocolate Ville @ Bangkok - Love

Arrived around 5.30pm, took around 45 minit to reach from Terminal 21. It was a sunny day and the weather burning us.. hot like hell… sweaty day… but it’s fun…hehe


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