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WHERE2EAT: MY PENANG FOOD BLOG a.k.a JereMee89.Com is a personal Food Blog managed by a couple named Jeremy and Rachel in the age of early twenty.

I like to taste and enjoy good food. So, I decided to start this blog, u know.. sharing is caring.

I was equipped with a basic DSLR Canon 60D, Samsung NX300 and Apple Iphone 5s & 6. SO basically, all photo are all come these camera.

So, Im gonna share with you u all the good restaurant, hawker centre, road side food and etc whichever places that I had been for FOOD. Ofcourse, Im not a bias person, so whether is it famous or not, i will do blog it and with some personal opinion. When I say personal opinion means my personal opinion which may not necessary represent everyone.

Besides, I will also provide the prices of the foods which most food blog doesn’t provide. Thus, this is one of my BLOG DIFFERENCES, if compared to others. Why I provide the prices ? Because most, I doesn’t meant all, but majority of the people’s main considering factor before paying for food is the PRICES. So, besides, I show some estimated spending, where to dine, which in turn could let my readers to compare prices and as guidance.

Life is short, we should enjoy it. And the greatest reason for me to live in this world is to EAT. Live is to eat.

A chinese poverb always says that ??? (Hokkien – Chiak Si Hock) which means EAT is a kind Prosperity.

Nonetheless, pls frequently check out for my latest posting. Woo Woo. ???…(CHIAK Ahhh)