Flavours of Italy Buffet Dinner @ G Cafe, G Hotel

First of all, we would like to Thanks G Hotel for the Invitation.

Started from August 2014, G Cafe is introducing their new line theme buffet, each day in the week comes with a buffet with a twist.

Let us begin the walk-through for Tuesday Theme ~ Flavours of Italy.

What they were famous was their wide range selection of desserts and hmmm…

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Ham

For starters, there are varieties of cheeses and cold plates.

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Cheese

Cheese Platter

Cheese lover may go for the Mozzarella & Tomato Salad with Basil, Macaroni Salad and Cheese Platter with nutes, dries fruits, pickled fruits & etc…

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Salads A

From left to right: Eggplant in Olive Oil, Tuna Salad, Mixed Mushroom Salad

For healthier diet person, can go for Eggplant in Olive Oil, Broiled Bell Pepper in Olive Oil, Mixed Mushroom Salad, and White Bean in Vinegar & Olive Oil..

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Salads B

From left to right: Coleslaw, Assorted Fruits, Fruit Salad

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Tapas

Variety of Asian Tapas

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Seafood

Cold Seafood Selection

There are selections of cold seafood on ice, such as prawns, scallops, mussels and oyster.

You may have a twist by adding your own choice of condiments, such as lemon wedge, tabasco, and assorted sauce.

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Pizza

From left to right: Pizza SMP, Pizza Al-Tonno, Pizza Margerita

What is an Italian Buffet without Pizza?

G Cafe have the all-time favourite Pizza (as mentioned above)

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Main Course C

From left to right: Beef Tortelini, Chicken Cacciatore, Risotto Rice with Smoked Chicken

Beside Pizza, there are variety of choices for Italian Signature Dishes, such as Risotto and Pasta.

One of the speciality in G Cafe, is the Tortelini.

You cant find it nowhere, except in Italy or G Cafe.

It is actually an “Italian Dumpling”, which made by classic spinach and ricotta fresh pasta.

Have a try and you will love it.

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Main B

From left to right: Prawn Marinara with Mozarella Ball, Gnocchi with Seafood Couls, Lamb Goulash

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Main A

From left to right: Steamed Fish with Spices , Breaded Calamari with Tomato Caulis, Sauteed Potato with Herbs

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Risotto

Risotto with Saffron

You can also find Risotto, an Italian rise fish cooked in broth to a cream consistency in the buffet line.

One of the most authentic Italian dishes, Risotto alla Milanese (Risotto with Saffron) which is made with beef stock, beef bone marrow, lard and cheese flavoured and coloured with saffron.

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Beef

Roasted Strip Loin of Beef 

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Dessert D

Varieties of Desserts

Remember to save some space for desserts while you dine in here, because G Cafe also offers a wide range of variety of mouth-watering desserts prepared by Chef Tan Kwee Liang (G Hotel’s Awards Winning Pastry Chef).

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Chocolate Fondue 1

Chocolate Fountain

On top of that, the buffet also features girls and children favourite chocolate fountain with assorted fruits.

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Cookies

Assorted Crackers

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Dessert A

From left to right: Cake of the Day, Panna Cotta, Pudding

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Dessert B

Tiramisu and Selections of Cakes

They are famous on their wide range of desert especially…

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Beverage

Penang Signature Mocktail – Sri Pinang

It’s a blend of sour sop, calamansi juice , longan and top up with ice cream  soda.

Besides that, you may get your favourite drinks from the Beverage Menu

(extra charges apply)

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Dishes


Yumm… Looks nice? Try it out yourself.

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Seafood Station

Cold Seafood Bar

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Pizza Station

Pizza Station

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Decoration

Decoration and Setting

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Gelatomio Ice Cream

Gelatomio Ice Cream

Newly introduced corner, Gelatomio comes from Italy, the country leader of Gelato.

Gelatomio is a premium ice cream made with fresh cream and it is 100% made from natural ingredients with no preservatives and no artificial flavourings.

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Table Layout

Table Setting and Environment

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Entrance

Entrance (from Gurney Plaza)

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Lobby

G Hotel Lobby 

Italian Buffet @ G Cafe - Rachel and JeremyReview Presented by Rachel & Jeremy

After all, hmmm… if you had been boring with other hotels buffet in Penang, you may have a try on this, as not people were not aware there is a classy buffet offered by G-Hotel.

For personal opinion on the food, worth a try la…


G Cafe – All Day Dining is known for its succulent dinner buffets nightly set in modern atmosphere. G Cafe serves a wide selection of delectable international cuisine and local savouries, with numerous action stalls to stir your palate.

Theme Buffet are available at G Cafe from 6.30om to 10pm daily from August to October 2014.


Monday – Thursday : RM98++ per person

Friday & Saturday : RM108++ per person

Children below 12 years old eat for free; Senior Citizens above 60 years old get 50% discount


Buffet Theme (One Day, One Theme, Many Varieties) :

Monday: Taste of Asia (Thai, Malaysian, Vietnam, Indonesia and China), comes with Buy 1 Free 1 promotion.

Tuesday: Flavours of Italy (Italian Buffet), comes with Lady diner enjoy 50% off the normal price.

Wednesday: French Style

Thursday: Claypot Cooking.

Friday: Seafood Feast BBQ Dinner Buffet

Saturday: Steak and Lobster BBQ (Comnination of Meaty and Seafoods)


For more information and promotion, please call

G Cafe @ 604-2380000

Email: food.beverage@ghotel.com.my

Website: www.ghotel.com.my


G Cafe, G Hotel


10250 Penang,




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