Oink Oink Pork Burger a.k.a Ric’s Burgers @ Bayan Baru, Penang

Ric's Burger @ Bayan Baru

Oink Oink Pork Burger a.k.a Ric’s Burgers @ Bayan Baru, Penang (Infront of One World Condo)

This was one of my favorite burger for all times. Actually this was not a new burger shop but it was moves (an upgrade) from ‘pasar malam‘, eg Friday @ Perak Road. So, if u’r frequent to ‘pasar malam’, u probably knows about this Oink Oink Burger, where usually crowded and have to wait.

Oink Oink Burger @ Ric's Burger, Bayan Baru

Oink Oink Pork Burger RM6 (with cheese)

Yes, this is it Oink Oink Pork Burger. For regular (without cheese) is RM5, while you may add on cheese, egg, bacon and etc.

The pork patty was specially homemade.

Rice Burger @ Ric's Burger, Bayan Baru 1

Rice Burger RM6

This was the new added to the menu after moving to new shop.

A little bit oily to me but you can have a try… ‘never try never know…’

Hand Cut Fries @ Ric's Burger, Bayan Baru

Hand Cut Fries RM3

This was hand-cut potato strike and fried until golden crispy.

It was so different from others as this was not frozen but freshly cut and fried.

Set Meal @ Ric's Burger, Bayan Baru

Our Order

A Set meal come with fries and a drink – add on for RM3.00

If you go for set, just add on RM3 for a lemonade and fries.

or you may add another RM0.50 for an exchange of lemonade to soda.

Dining @ Ric's Burger, Bayan Baru

Dining Area

Ambiance wise, the dining area was quite simple.

Chef Eric @ Ric's Burger, Bayan Baru

The Chef ~ Eric

This is the chef. A little secret to share that he previously was an auditor in one of the Big Four Audit Firm in Penang.

He left the job and started his own business.

Menu @ Ric's Burger, Bayan Baru


Last but not least, Ric’s burger does not have much choice as compared to others.

Its only sells pork burger, no fish, no chicken, no beef and etc…

Business Hours @ Ric's Burger, Bayan Baru

Business Hours

11.30 – 2.30pm

5.30 – 9.30 pm


Ric’s Burger @ Bayan Baru

2-1-28, The One Terrace Plus,
Tingkat Mahsuri 4
Bayan Lepas, 11950 Penang.
Tel No.: 6012 4051586  


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  1. I tried calling their number to ask if they’re open this Deepavali but it’s ALWAYS engaged. Any other way to reach them?

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