Big Ben Breakfast @ Waterfall Road (Botanical Garden)

Big Bens English Breakfast @ Waterfall Road

Big Ben Breakfast @ Waterfall Road (Botanical Garden) 


After considering for quite some times.. we decided to share out this post.  (written for quite some time d, just did not publish it, hardly gave such negative feedback)

We visited this stall few months back, and reasons for not sharing this is due to unpleasant dining experience over there.

Lets see what they served and how we dissatisfy on it… (not to offence just PURELY PERSONAL OPINION)

Big Bens English Breakfast @ Waterfall Road - Big Ben Set

Big Ben English Breakfast Set RM7.50

So this is their signature breakfast set – Big Ben.

It consist of Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Egg, Baked Bean, Tomato and Toast.

Taste? To us, it is just an ordinary English breakfast and have nothing special compared to others. haha.. (maybe im bias)

Although not recommended, but you can have a try and experience their service yourself.

Big Bens English Breakfast @ Waterfall Road - Double Decker Sandwich Ham & Cheese

Double Decker Sandwish Ham & Cheese RM5.00

It simple and still just a decker ham and cheese sandwish with some cucumber and tomato.

Big Bens English Breakfast @ Waterfall Road - Coffee & Orange Juice

Coffee and Orange Juice

The beverage. The perfect match beverage for an English Breakfast.

Orange juice for healthy him and coffee for me.

And to mention that this glass of orange juice cost RM4 at this type of Kopitiam/Stall.

Worth or not? Judge it yourself. (bias opinion)

Big Bens English Breakfast @ Waterfall Road - Our Order

Our Order

So, this is our order for the day.

How long we wait for it?

1 hour and 30 minutes, for more detail, please refer below.

With the same length of times, i can drive to Ipoh and have a nice dim sum over there.

Big Bens English Breakfast @ Waterfall Road - Menu


Not much choice as they only serve Breakfast.

Big Bens English Breakfast @ Waterfall Road - The Boss

The Boss a.k.a The Chef

Big Bens English Breakfast @ Waterfall Road - Environment


Crowd on Saturday Morning.

Now is time to share our experience there.

When we arrived at the stall, as per our expectation, it was full-house,

No table and have to wait for other finished their meal.

Not too long, 1 family finished and left and we take the seat.

Wait for roughly 20min, the worker are too ‘busy’ and still did not clean the table.

However, we’ve already order when we arrived.

We had told the worker several times to clean our table but she was just too ‘busy’ and keep ask us to wait…. ok la busy ma can understand..

After 30min, quite some time, so i walk to the stall and ask about the progress…

When i just about to open my mouth (means I haven’t start to speak), the worker/owner speak before me, conversation as per below:

Aunty: Wait la (in hokkien)… many people la (very bad attitude)..  everyone is waiting (in hokkien)…

(the worst part is that a mum with 2 kids which came later than us get their food served first… walao ehh…)

Me: May i know how long still i have to wait?

Aunty: Haiyo… half an hour… not so soon… can’t wait don’t wait (her attitude..zzZZzzZzz)

Me: ok (since we’ve already wait for 30min, another 30min is ok then)

After 30min…

Me: Aunty, is mine ready now?

Aunty: (with bad attitute) where u sit? what u order? told u to wait already ma.. not so soon…

ok after another 30min.

Me: Aunty hows mine ?

Aunty: (with bad attitute) cant wait then no need wait la… so many table… not your turn yet…


So, i back to my table with much anger… and at first we decide to leave…

But my partner told me since already wait for so long… just wait and see how ‘nice’ is their food…

So, with patient, FINALLY, food served.
As per review above, dear reader, some of you may had try their food and their ‘service’…

With these “ai lai mai suak attitute”…. sick…
Maybe you need more time to serve the food, IS OK I CAN UNDERSTAND BUT can you be more ‘friendly’ to your customer with better ATTITUDE.

Without support from your customer, you are nothing no matter how nice your food is…

As i can say, this is the worst dining experience I’ve experienced. First and Final for this.




Big Ben Breakfast @ Waterfall Road (Botanical Garden)


Jalan Kebun Bunga, George Town, Penang 10350, Malaysia.

Business Hours: 8.00am – 3.00pm (Closed on Tuesday)

3 thoughts on “Big Ben Breakfast @ Waterfall Road (Botanical Garden)

  1. Thanks for posting this. Bad attitude in businesses should NOT be tolerated! Hey we’re the one paying money!

  2. I agree with you. The owner has a very bad attitude. They act like we are so hard up for their food….I say go to hell! I go to your stall for a meal which I pay for it and you should be thankful. I will spend my money elsewhere because the owner is such a lousy person. So damn arrogant!!! No way am I going back to that stall.

  3. Couldn’t agree more… I just had my brunch at this place…. the service was okay (probably low customer flow) but the foods were way too oily for us, we had to manually drain the oil using facial tissue, i guess i’m not visiting this place again

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