Goreng Pisang @ Free School Road, Penang

Free School Road - Pisang - Tee Kuih & Potato


Snacks for NOON ?? ofcourse Goreng Pisang @ Free School Road. hahaha. But abit dissapointed, I went twice in a week, THEY DO NOT HAVE PISANG GORENG on the day I went.¬†Besides, offering Pisang Goreng, they do have other “goreng”. hahaha. Fried Potato, Kuih, Kodok, Fried Tee Kuih, Fried Yam, Karipap and etc. And for Cempedak, need to wait for the season.

Free School Road - Goreng Pisang - Crowd

Everything also have to wait – zzZZzzzZ

Free School Road - Goreng Pisang 1

In Progress

Free School Road - Goreng Pisang 2

Although there are some not available..but still have few choices. haha

Taman Free School Goreng Pisang - My Order

Fried Tee Kuih – RM0.80

Free School Road - Pisang 3


Free School Road - Goreng Pisang 5 - Karipap

Curry Puff/Karipap – RM0.80


Goreng Pisang @ Free School Road

Free School Road,

11600 Penang.

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