Berlin’s Bier Houz @ Ipoh

Berlin’s Bier Houz a restaurant cum bar which offer mainly German foods and especially Germans alcohol, ranging from whisky, brandy, bier (beer), wine, cocktail and mocktail. ┬áIn Germans, Bier means beer. hahaha. Sounds stupid to explain this. Berlin’s Bier Houz is located in Greentown, Ipoh, it’s quite easy to find.

Berlin Bier Houz - Draught Beer 2

The Different Types of Germans Draught Beer

Berlin Bier Houz- Berlin's Special Pork Rib 1

Berlin’s Special Pork Ribs – RM27.90

Berlin Bier Houz - Menu

Berlin’s Bier Houz – Menu

Berlin Bier Houz- Pork Burger with Cheese 2

Pork Burger With Cheese – RM16.80

Berlin Bier Houz- Mango Daiquiri

Mocktail: Mango Daiquiri – RM15.00

Berlin Bier Houz- Chocolate Soup With Grand Marnier

Dessert: Chocolate Soup With Grand Marnier – RM10.00

Berlin Bier Houz  - Environment

Plenty Types Of German Alcohol

Berlin Bier Houz - Draught Beer

The Types Of Draught Beer

Berlin Bier Houz - Receipt

Total Damage; RM81.20


Berlin’s Bier Houz @ Ipoh

No: 12, Ground Floor, Persiaran Greentown 4,

Greentown Business Centre,

30450 Ipoh, Perak.

Tel No: 605-2418118

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